Vape Detection


Like A Breath of Fresh Air

Vape Detection is like having a watchful guardian keeping an eye on your space, ready to alert you the moment someone indulges in vaping. These systems can be discreetly installed anywhere you desire, equipped to detect not just vape smoke, but also potentially harmful gases like CO2 and carbon monoxide. With cloud capabilities and integration with loudspeaker systems, staying on top of vape incidents has never been easier.

Heat detectors are installed in the corridors of the building

Why It Matters

In environments where vaping is prohibited or poses safety risks, Vape Detection becomes essential. By swiftly identifying vaping activities, these systems help enforce policies, maintain air quality, and ensure the safety and well-being of everyone within the premises.

smoke background and dense fog

Let's Clear Things Up

Vape Detection isn't just about catching rule-breakers—it's about creating a safer environment for everyone. By providing real-time notifications to staff and integrating with existing infrastructure, Vape Detection systems empower businesses to take prompt action and address vaping incidents effectively.

What Sets CIS Apart

  • At CIS Data Services, we understand that every space is unique. That's why our Vape Detection solutions are custom-designed to meet your specific needs. By leveraging cutting-edge software and technology, we deliver robust and reliable systems tailored to your requirements.

    Recent Success Stories

    • Corporate Office Compliance Boost: We recently assisted a corporate office in enhancing their compliance efforts with a bespoke Vape Detection system, ensuring a vape-free environment for all employees and visitors.
    • Educational Institution Air Quality Improvement: A prestigious educational institution partnered with us to deploy Vape Detection technology across their campuses, safeguarding students and staff from the potential hazards of vaping.

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